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Oxygen 3.7.1 + Integrations - The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

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Oxygen 3.7.1 + Integrations – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

Oxygen  launched on June 20th, and since then I’ve been reading more and more comments from people who are switching to this new builder. That’s not without good reason, cause the Oxygen builder is a really powerful tool. Oxygen is not just another page builder; it’s a complete site builder! You can’t just edit your sites content, but you can also edit the header, footer, sidebars etc. So you can decide where you want to have your logo, search and menu.

All of these parts are available as a module so you can add them easily. Oxygen lets you choose from more than 60 different modules, that are clearly divided. You have modules to add a navigation menu, a login form and a search bar, but all the standard things are there as well, like sections, columns, text blocks, buttons, links, images, gallery’s, pricing tables, testimonials, progress bars, tabs, accordeons and font awesome icons.

When you click on a module you see 2 tabs: primary and advanced. Under the primary tab, you’ll find the basic settings for that particular module. So with a text module, you can adjust the font color, font family, font size and font weight here, en with a progress bar you van set the percentage, animation and colors.

You can set any color as a global color. If you want to adjust a global color, you only have to adjust it in one place, and that color will automaticly update everywhere on the website.
Editing the text of each module is done in the visual builder itself, just click and type!

Clicking on the advanced tab reveals a diversity of styling options. This is where you set the background, padding and margin (although you can also just drag the margin to the desired spacing in the visual builder), borders, box- and text shadows and some nice filter effects like blur, sepia and grayscale. You can also add your own custom CSS and javascript code here.

Oxygen builder also lets you make templates that you can assign to pages, posts, archive pages, WooCommerce pages, your 404 error page etc. With each template, you can choose where it will be used (for example only for single posts, or for posts and pages), and you can even choose to use a template only for a certain category so your posts in the category “news” can have a different look than posts in another category.

Oxygen isn’t the only page builder that has this functionality; Elementor and Beaver themer have had this option for a while already too. But where Elementor and Beaver let you adjust the header and footer of an existing theme, Oxygen lets you build a complete new theme without depending on another theme. Your current theme will be completely replaced by Oxygen.

Another very powerful Oxygen builder feature is Dynamic Data. This feature will let you add dynamic content anywhere on your site, which comes in very handy with building a template. For example, if you want to build a single post template, you can use dynamic data to insert the post title, publish date, featured image and of course the content itself automatically. Oxygen also lets you put in widgets anywhere – widgets that are created by other plugins too.

Just like most other page builders, Oxygen lets you save every single part of your design to a library so you can reuse it somewhere else on your website. So for example, you can make a call to action button once and reuse it on all your pages without having to style it every time.

The library also holds a number of so called “design sets”; complete standard web designs you can import with one click. That way, most of the work is already done so you only have to adjust the colors and content. At the moment, there are only about 10 design sets available, but every set holds multiple templates to choose from. So within one design set, you can choose between multiple headers, footers, blog designs, contact pages etc. Every part within the same design set fits nicely with all other parts, so you can mix and match header #1 with footer #3 and blog design #5 and still get a coherent design.

All of these designs are responsive, so they’re also optimized for tablets and smartphones. Optimizing your own designs for smaller screens is also quite easy; Oxygen lets you adjust every element per device, so you can have another background color on a smartphone, or a  smaller font size, of hide that element all together.


  • This Product is licensed under the GNU GPLv2. This means you can modify, use and redistribute any WordPress software for free or for a fee. For more information about GPL please click here.
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Oxygen 3.7.1 + Integrations – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

100 % Clean Code and free from Virus

All digital products presented on our website do not contain malicious code, viruses or advertising and aren't cracked - nulled . You can check it always by VirusTotal or similiar. We purchase original files from the developers and do not share any files downloaded free from other sites.

Oxygen 3.7.1 + Integrations – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

Legal usage by GNU GPL 2.0

This Product is licensed under GNU GPLv2. We are simply redistributing the software and sharing or folder for a small discounted service fee, as it is our right to do so, under the GPL licence. So, it’s perfectly legal to download the plugins and themes from this site.

Oxygen 3.7.1 + Integrations – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress


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Oxygen 3.7.1 + Integrations – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

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Oxygen 3.7.1 + Integrations - The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

$99.00 $4.29

In stock



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